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The installation aims to render aesthetically a natural cycle of adaptation doubled, in addition to documentation, by a kind of personal introspection. This naturally repetitive phenomenon establishes the pole of rhythmicity of our life, which through habit is often completely assimilated in its routine. Once a situation breaks the linearity of life, the sunrise again becomes a completely isolated element, a symbol of a world in adaptation. The encapsulation of this sunrise is a process of preserving the idea of ​​continuous adaptation of a society in transition.

This project is part of RADAR, New Media Festival, collective exhibition organized by One Night Gallery at ROM AERO in Bucharest, Romania
5. 05. 2021 – 10. 05. 2021


Instalatia urmareste redarea estetica a unui ciclu natural de adaptare dublat, pe langa documentare, de un soi de introspectie personala. Acest fenomen natural repetitiv stabileste polul ritmicitatii vietii noastre care prin obisnuinta este adesea complet asimilat in rutina ei . Odata ce o situatie rupe liniaritatea vietii, rasaritul devine din nou un element izolat de tot, un simbol al unei lumi in adaptare.

Incasularea acestui rasarit intervine este un procedeu de condervare a ideii de adaptare continue a unei societati in tranzitie.

Acest proiect face parte din RADAR, New Media Festival, expoziție colectivă organizată de One Night Gallery la ROM AERO din București, România
5. 05. 2021 – 10. 05. 2021