The corruption of forms, 2019 / 20
Centered, 2020
Trapped between two spaces, 2020
Primary Perspective, 2019 / 20
Interrupted Messages, 2019 / 20
The hands that are not mine 2016
Fragmented realities, 2018/19/20
Letters to a new world, 2018/19

Zoita is now member of Cred’Art Cultural Association and part of STUP team.

Starting from October 2018, Zoita became member of Cred’Art Cultural Association, and, as a result of this new collaboration she became member of  STUP,  a collective work team of artists.
STUP team is composed of  Zoita, Dragos Neagoe, Amdreea Medar and Cristi Gaspar. Together, they started developing with different curators a new series of exhibition projects, a research residency and a painting camp.

New collaboration | Cygler Art Gallery

A new collaboration starts in the beginning of this year.
The Cygler Art Gallery presets Zoita’s artworks in a private exhibition in the center of Paris in the same time with the Grant FIAC.
For a private view please contact the gallery at contact@cyglerartgallery.com