Europa Wonderland/Body Space: Citizenship and Territories 
Curtator Olivia Nitiș
Organised by Contrasens Cultural Association,
Garnizoana, Timisoara
Photocredit: Andrada Ușvat
Centered is a contemporary art project that analyzes the irreversibility of human actions throughout history and wants 
to raise an alarm about this aspect in the consciousness of viewers.
Vlăsie's Forest or Romanian's Forest it disappeared in proportion of 95% in the last 600 years - as a consequence 
of the tributes paid in wood to the Turks,the appearance of various human settlements that required agricultural 
land and many other processes that led to desertification of the soil.In addition to this impossibility to revive it, 
there is a destruction of the natural environment from the desire for urban expansion and the emergence of a phenomenon 
that takes place in the architecture of the space - called the bedroom neighborhood.
Lacking any form of vegetation, these neighborhoods are abusively created. Thus, the collapse of the contemporary world 
is shaped around this rupture between man and nature, determined by an acute lack of ecological education.  The connection 
between man and nature is biological, ancestral - any intrusive action causing an imbalance.
A consequence of this would be from my point of view, through the emotional and morphological slippage of today's man. 
The hope I feel is that, with the awareness of this rupture, man gradually turns his back on the city and retreats closer 
and closer to nature, resuming the ancestral dialogue with it.
Thus Centered emerges as an artistic approach to awareness of important social and human aspects of the existence of 
contemporary man, subtly drawing the vision of a hope to remedy the imbalance between man and nature.