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Zoita (b. 1978, Romania) is a Romanian artist.
She lives and works in Bucharest.

Preceding her studies at the Luceafarul Art University and the National University of Arts, where she studied painting and design.

Even though her medium of choice is painting, she experiments constantly with other media, including installation, photography intervention, video, and performance. Mostly known for the “Bazu” (in 2008 and 2017-2019), “Ongoing Happiness”, “Continuous lines” (2017), and the recent activist project “We consider ourselves a little song”.

“Zoița practices an expressionist gesturalism which can be defined as self-referential and socially engaged. The line and its expression are central elements in her images, otherwise structured with a surprising economy of means: lines are drawn or painted, flat or volumetric, traced by the artist in a spatial intervention, built out of neon lights, recycled and recyclable paper and industrial materials, etc.

The artist experiments constantly with a great array of means and media, with various textures of the support, but she remains almost always within the range of representation. Drawing is a primary tool for expression, as it allows for the direct and spontaneous translation into the image of emotion and energy, and is invested with the entire evocative and operative power of the primitive drawing – cited by Zoița in the essentialization she applies to the form. The central element of the image, usually anthropomorphic, receives a symbolic valence, as it unfolds narratives that are both self-referential and generic – especially so in the series Bazu, from 2008 and the most recent one, ongoing since 2017. In these works, she follows the fictional character through a series of varied hypostases: fragments of personal history, reflections, and commentaries overlaid on socially critical observations.

The relationship of the graphic elements with the monochrome, blank or otherwise textured paper or canvas of the background cites the dynamic between the written word and the blank document or between the inscription and its wall – whether it is a neutral background or one comprising of multiple strata of memory, meaning and history”.  Malina Ionescu

Solo Shows:

2017     Studio without borders, Independent Contemporary Art Stace, Marais, Paris, FR
curator: Antigona Silvia Rogozea
2016     White Night of Galleries, Nod Makerspace, Bucharest, RO
2014    ”Geometrical Perception” at 30202 Gallery, Bucharest, Artfooly Gallery, RO
“That hands that are not mine” performance @ GoldenFrame, 030202 Gallery, Curator: Mihai Zgondoiu, Bucharest, RO
2014    “Wings for Paradise” Paintings TCI, Victoria Plaza, Bucharest, RO
2012    “Painting series at Tempo Art Gallery, Bucharest, RO
“To much skin for a hard life” performance, Bucharest, RO
2011    “Tranzitoriu” at The Lobby Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest, RO
2009    “Nonverbal Dialog” performance, Bucharest, RO
2007    “Bazu” – Galeria Artis, Bucharest, RO
2006    “Expanded view recent acquisitions” performance, Bucharest, RO


Group shows:

2020    Breaking (Im)posibilities, Multicultural Center of Transilvania University, Brasov, RO, curator Ana Muntean
2019    RAC Residency Exhibition, Reduta Cultural Center, Brasov, RO
In Between (us), Tempini Showroom, Calpe Art Gallery, Timisoara,  RO, curator Malina Ionescu
2017    Art Athina International Fair, Artfooly Gallery, Athens, GR
Origins, TKC, The Kitchen Table Collective, Leyen Gallery UK
Dada, Romanian Embassy in Buenos Aires, AR
2016   ”I love you with all my heart” Amural Visual Festival, Brasov, RO
”Black Bridges” Artigon Gallery at Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK
”Rocket Museum” Unicat Gallery, The Ark, Bucharest, RO
2013   “Open Air Art Street Museum” POP UP Bucharest, RO
“Ciclop Street Art Project”, Work in Progress 3, Bucharest, RO
2011   ”Perspective” Irecson Institute, Bucharest, RO
“I am” Romanian Embassy, Washington, USA

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