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#3 / GOLDEN FRAME / 030202

afis A4 ZOITA
Zoița / live stencil, video, performance
Sorin Rotaru / live percussion performance
Curator & coordonator: Mihai Zgondoiu

Work in progress 3 / Cyclop Parkway, Bucharest



Opened in 1923, Cyclop is the first multi-storey parking space in Bucharest.
Although it is still functional today, the parking space suffers from an identity “crisis”, lacking a clear direction of development.

With its impressive architecture and historical meaning built over the last century (90 years since its opening), the Ciclop parking space, now “hidden” from public eye, can be rediscovered through artistic interventions and redirected towards a new moment in its “life”.
The invited artists will play with ideas and forms in their own personal and unique style, thus changing the course of the present time.
A project sign by  Alina Bucur, Iustin Moldovan, Andreea Cazan and Mihai Chiţu.

Photo credit for Anda Bolohan, Reptilianu, Dragos Dumitrescu, The re:art, Maite Mougin,  Street Art Romania.


Principals sponsors: Pegas şi Cyclop
Communication partner event: The re:art
Grolsch, Street Heroes fueled by Burn Energy, Mobexpert Office, Posca, PictorShop, STUDIOLEGAL.RO
Media Partners:
Modernism, Feeder, VICE, Metropotam, TATAIA, Senso TV, BeWhere!, Formaje, Veioza Arte, Revista Zeppelin, Revista de Povestiri, Hipmag, Tilllate, Neapărat, Revista IQooL, Ginger Group, Cooperativa Urbană, ArtClue, 21art, 1001arte.
Others Partners: Asociaţia Grup AŞA, Brigada de Voluntari, frufru, Madame de Biscuit


Arhive : Terre a Terre, Work in progress 2012 / Zoita